Our Mission

Darkness2Hope was founded on the principle that every person being trafficked deserves a chance at life. We collaborate with anti-human trafficking organizations in the United States by bridging gaps between existing national, state, and local organizations. We provide resources, consultation, community education, and technological development that contribute to the detection and deterrence of human trafficking.


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What We Know

Human trafficking targets the most vulnerable persons regardless of race, class, or geographic distinctions. Victims are isolated from support networks and resources that are designed to strengthen physical and mental health as well as provide shelter and financial assistance.

Our Arsenal in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Founded on the principle that every person being trafficked deserves a chance at leading a rewarding life, we develop and utilize technology to accomplish the following:

Develop & Deploy

Technology is used to identify areas of trafficking across multiple industries including hospitality, trucking, and education.

Improve & Direct

Ease access and guide trafficking survivors to federal, state, and local resources that are designed to help them rebuild their lives.

Aggregate & Analyze

Data, regarding trafficking types and areas of use, is collected to assist industries in recognizing the signs and taking appropriate measures to secure their businesses and properties.

Instruct & Identify

Teach individuals to identify the signs of human trafficking, and who to contact, so the proper authorities may be deployed for community assistance.

Enhance & Evolve

Build better communication networks between supportive agencies, both public and private, to better assist survivors in need of service.

Educate & Instruct

Show corporations what to look out for as they source materials and goods from companies, both US based and abroad.

Analyze & Review

Curate resources for survivors, as well as for individuals, groups, or organizations who want to volunteer their time and services, to assist survivors in need.


Provide a platform for those agencies looking to increase awareness of human trafficking and of their efforts to eradicate its impact on individuals and their families.

Prevent & Protect

Ensure vulnerable populations, and survivors, are able to live their lives free of exploitation, whether it be sexual, forced labor, illegal organ harvesting, or child marriage.

Support & Assist

Assist survivor centered agencies in their missions to provide support through targeted fundraising efforts.

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